Survival Straps

My Wounded Warrior Project Survival Strap arrived today, thanks to the Expat Pony Express (Thanks Tish and Jerry!) The straps, in general, can be worn as a bracelet for wrist or ankle, a fob of some sorts, a lanyard of some sorts, a zipper pull, a belt (with which comes an amazing length of 125’ 550 para cord) … they even have a Germ Grenade which looks like fun/useful, too. Any of the above, I imagine, can have an ID Dog Tag incorporated in the Strap. As I already wear a set of Dog Tags, I opted for the Wounded Warrior tag, which is also a good thing; the Survival Strap folks donate 50% of the price to the WW project.

The notion behind the idea of the Straps is that in an emergency or survival situation, you have a certain length of survival para cord, depending on that which you have chosen to carry/wear. Simply deploy the cord and use it, plus an added benefit, if you have to use it, write about it, take a picture of its use, and, again, depending on the product Survival Straps will send you another one free of charge, plus a nominal amount for shipping. Now that is way cool, huh?

Back in the 70’s I had a very good friend who was into macramé, and she was more than quite good at it. She had me making all sorts of contraptions holding down her cordage with differing location of various nails to use, depending on the type of knot to be tied and the desired end product. Bottom line, I can tell a good knot when I see it, and, the Survival Straps are made using good knots. I opted for the steel shackle in lieu of the plastic slide clip closure: you just never know when that steel shackle might come in handy, as well. Also included in the package is a plastic pin to be used when the wearer is or could potentially be in a safety hazard situation and if the bracelet got caught on something, the plastic pin just breaks away, whereas the steel pin would not. For the cordage, pick the color or colors of your choice.

I am quite pleased with the product, and I can tell you that one of the things that just tickled me, cracked me up, out of which I got a big hoot… is the packaging with which the Survival Strap arrives.

The packaging consists of one Ziploc pouch, inside of which is the, ready for this, Owner’s Manual (folded with 6 panes on each side) with logo, a pane promoting Wounded Warriors, Mission Statement, Sizing info, Break Away Pin info, Cleaning Tips, an “I Used My Survival Strap…” form, Replacement info, and most importantly, How To Deploy the cordage info. In another smaller Ziploc bag is the breakaway plastic pin. Pretty sophisticated for a Survival Strap, huh? And, I must say that I found the pricing to be very reasonable, particularly in that they donate 50% to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Even before receiving the strap, I had an occasion to contact Customer Service. Using the Expat Pony Express system can sometimes be tenuous; not on the part of the Expat, if it gets to where they are it will get to where I am. Worrying about whether it gets to where the Expat is on time is the issue, and I started to worry about the strap not arriving on time. I sent them an email, and boom, next day got an answer saying that my strap had been shipped. They just don’t have one of those “Your Order Has Been Shipped” routine on their system. Not a minus, in my book.

Best of all, the Survival Strap is Made in USA. You have one, right?

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