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Sportif brand pants and shorts: This is all about comfort, especially when traveling; traveling comfortably.  Most of the readers of this site are travelers and who, after all, wants to be uncomfortable while sitting in a seat for hours?  Hopefully, the seat will be comfortable - Sporttif 2and after that, it is up to us to assure our own comfortability.  The second purchase of toys to be added of just about every Harley Davidson rider in the universe, upon buying a new bike, is the seat of choice; mine is practically a Lazyboy.  (Since I know you are going to ask, the first purchase upon buying the new Harley is louder pipes).

Since a) I detest floppy clothing especially on the bike on which loose shirts or pants can flap like a good sized flag atop a 10 meter flag pole in a 70kph wind, and b) to discourage any pick pockets, I like as tight as I can stand them Levi’s while traveling on the bike.  We would have to be the closest of friends for you to be able to get any of your hands into any of my jean’s pockets, if you see what I’m saying.  Air travel is a completely different story.

Born in the late 40’s and remembered first airplane ride in the 60’s, I come from the old school of “dressing decently” while traveling by airplane: shined shoes, creased trousers, a placket shirt, and a sports jacket, most often a blazer.  I would not be caught dead or otherwise on an airplane dressed in “sweats” or “track suit” and I dag gone sure never owned a “leisure suit” for comfort flying.  Also of the age mentioned above, we were/are the second generation of khaki pants’ wearers.  Our dads, returning from WWII and Korea, were the first generation as they recycled the pants from their uniforms as knock-around pants: sitting around the house; Saturday morning activities; cutting the grass on any day.  For us, they became de rigueur for all but the required (then) most dressy of occasions. - Sporttif - Sporttif 4

Everybody from Brooks Brothers etcetera noticed the trend, and got into the khaki pants business.  They went with everything, were appropriate for most occasions, and retained a subliminal hint of the military.  They were comfortable and they would also after a few hours of sitting look as if they had spent the last 24 hours in a foxhole; they wrinkled quickly.  I remember at age 13 or so, after the ironing had been completed, I would re-iron my khakis, this time using about a gallon and half of spray starch; and later on when living near Annapolis, Md., home of the United States Naval Academy, where the dry cleaners knew how to starch khakis, I triple starched them.  You could literally stand them in a corner.

And then came along Sportíf, initially aimed at making comfortable shorts and pants for the outdoorsman.  They came up with a blend of material that hung well, didn’t look “stretchy,” with the added bonus of seven inconspicuous pockets in khaki pants that were practically impossible to wrinkle.  Sign me up!  Great looks, practical (the pockets), as comfortable as your favorite sick uniform be it old sweats or older pj’s, and impossible to wrinkle, I wouldn’t dream of flying while wearing any other garb but Sportíf.  Take a look at three pair I have had double folded and sitting on the bottom of a Lands End duffel bag for at least three months; there is hardly a wrinkle and where they are creased at the fold will fall out after a few minutes while worn. - Sporttif 5

Living on Chesapeake Bay, wearing shorts was good for all but the coldest of months, where and when different weights of material came in handy.  Not to sound like a broken record, the only shorts I would ever think of wearing are Sportíf brand.  I remember my first Christmas in Costa Rica, before the family got here, when I was living at Priscilla’s house, Cala, one of my “keepers” (he said affectionately) gave me a gift of a pair of shorts.  They weren’t Sportíf and I never even took off the tags.  I think they are still in my closet somewhere.  The Sportíf shorts come in tons of colors and materials.  Below are some of my favorite beach shorts, the heavier weight selections are in storage because they are just a tad too heavy for the southern Pacific zone. - Sporttif 6

Curiously, however, Gringos in San Jose do not wear shorts, at least the guys who have been here for a while do not.  Sure, on a hot day around the house they will get comfortable and put on a pair, but, if a trip outside of the house is/was required, on comes the long pants.  It’s the best way to tell the residents from the tourist.  As such, for my first ten years down here I only wore shorts around the house and when we went out to the beach.  Since moving down to the beach, its Sportíf shorts everyday; around the house, to the store, out on recon for Crazu articles.  They are so comfortable it’s almost like being in your underwear all day, which incidentally, I have also been known to do (hey, we’re in the jungle, who is going to see me? Our local sloth or toucansQue importa).

Flying anytime soon?  Going to the beach?  Like to be comfortable and “appropriate?”  Visit and view their selection of pants and shorts, and for sure if you put on a pair, you will be in the life of Pura vida. - Sporttif 7

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