SPEC.-OPS. : High Quality USA Made Gear

Crazu has already introduced you to SPEC.-OPS. by way of its RECON Wrap, of which we have about a dozen between us.  We wear them every day.  SPEC.-OPS. is high quality, made in the USA gear, and I have quite a few other pieces, including: T.H.E Pack (with pack frame), that I use for multiple days on the road, along with usually at least four (4) of varying sized packs attached to hold things to be handy, such as food and medical supplies; a  pack, into which I put mostly toilet gear; a small pack in which I carry a “Rite in the Rain” notebook and pen, the ever present tube of Neosporin and band aids, a few spare business cards for when I run out of them in my card case, and sometimes, when I want to make sure it stays somewhat dry, my Nokia E72-2; the large master knife sheath, into which I put my long held MK 3 MOD 0 knife, an 18” length of small barbed wire intended for cutting small pieces of wood, and a stainless steel Linder folding knife, spoon and fork utensil; a rigger belt; and the most used have with me every day SPEC.-OPS. piece of gear, T.H.E. Wallet.

I’m pretty sure I carried a wallet in a back pocket in high school, some place to house the precious drivers license and of course a picture of your favorite girl.  The military changed that habit.  In boot camp we were not allowed to have a wallet, and after boot camp my “fatigues” or “utilities” which is to say the normal work uniform, were so heavily starched nothing would fit into any of the pockets.  Instead, we had these little pouches that strapped to our legs just above the boots into which a pack of butts fit perfectly, but also held the military ID, drivers license, and maybe a wallet size picture, or two.

Civilian life did not change my not wallet carrying habit; still not in the back pants pocket.  Since most of the time I had on a suit jacket or a sports coat, I got used to using a wallet more on the size and fashion of a passport wallet in an inside the jacket pocket.  And then, coming to Costa Rica to reside changed my sartorial habits 180 degrees; although good to have around for the occasional wedding or funeral, there is not much need for Brooks Brothers and Burberrys gear at the beach or in the jungle/rainforest.

Down here I have two basic uniforms, either “Biker Bob” or “Beach Bob.”  You can figure out both of those looks. Also being down here came about a zillion more cards to carry: a cedula (the national identity card); one drivers license for each different type vehicle; the license to CC card, and the registration card for each firearm to be CC’d (a maximum of three); an insurance card; and now, a handful of the Crazu.net business cards.  I needed to augment my old faithful metal cigarette case turned into card case.

SPECOPS T.H.E. Wallet is perfect for my new needs, with plenty of card slots, a small pouch like space that I use for spare keys, a full sized zipper compartment for currency and the like, and even a space for my passport.  I know this sounds like a big wallet, but it is sized to fit into your back pants pocket (in which I never carry it, of course.)  Plus, two more way cool things about it, it can also be carried on the belt, or, opened or closed around the neck, and it has clear plastic identity card slots no matter in which position it is carried.  I like it a lot.

One does not buy all of the SPEC.-OPS. items at one time, but over time, and if you let it known, any SPEC.-OPS. piece of gear makes for a great gift for any occasion for the man that is “hard to buy for.”  Pura vida

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