Ray Ban

Ray Ban, the only brand glasses I have worn, again, for decades, achieves for me that fine intersection of a finely machined tool, and an elegant, sophisticated piece of jewelry.

Near as I know, no other eye glass manufacturer has the strength and length of heritage or reach of its current branches of a family tree as does Ray Ban. Originally and proudly manufactured in the USA by Bausch and Lomb, itself founded in the mid 1800’s and an early cousin collaborator with the famous Carl Zeiss lens manufacturer, Ray Ban, originally manufactured between the World Wars to meet a military need, is currently owned by Luxottica, an Italian company. No longer a USA company, but at least it’s not in that other country where such cheap products originate, and Italy is, after all, home of the oldest corporation in the world, my trusted Beretta, and some say home of the fashion and style industries of the world. That can’t be all bad, huh?

Ray Ban’s other cousins include Oakley, creators of my one and only goggle I use on the Harley or the ATV, Eye Safety Systems, better known as ESS (in this case, not English Springer Spaniel); and, the likes of Burberry, Brooks Brothers, Anne Klein, Chanel, DKNY, Ralph Lauren, Prada, Ferragamo, and Tiffany all put their names on Luxottica glasses. Pretty good company, huh?

Some have asked me if I am not defeating my purposes by buying Ray Bans and then swapping out the lenses for prescription lenses. Ok, good question, and the answer is: no, Ray Ban’s cousins also include Pearle Vision, LensCrafters, and Sears Optical, to name a few.

I buy Ray Bans because they match my persona and fit my lifestyle. I can wear Ray Bans under any of the Bell helmets, and also to my nieces’ fancy weddings. I buy Ray Ban for the frames. It’s just an extra bonus that I get a fine pair of lenses to put away in case my son, who has perfect vision, wants to put the original lenses back in and recycle all my saved frames.

Having said all of that, I also buy Ray Bans for their eye protection. I mean, I can hardly go to my nieces’ weddings wearing ESS goggles, right? Always bring eye protection, preferably two pair, to Costa Rica… for the sun, for the cycle ride, the ATV ride, the zip line (canopy ride), and that stray piece of debris coming off the omnipresent weed whacker used to clear roadsides gutters.

Why spend an enormous amount of money for designer sun glasses when you can have the real deal for equal or less? So remember: Costa Rica, eye protection = Ray Ban (cause a little style never hurt anybody).

Bottom line… real men and women wear Ray Ban.

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