Nokia E72

Surely, we are not the first to think of the Nokia E72 as the Swiss Army Knife of cell phones, or, I guess more appropriately in this day and age, your Device or Smartphone. Having had my first cell phone in the mid 80’s, I can attest that they have come a long way. The Nokia E72 device does all of what we have come to expect from our phones such as voice and data communications, but, it also has a dedicated flashlight key on the space button, and, can serve as a mirror in a pinch (I have heard it called a “portrait mirror”) on the back side, and a zillion more functions in between these two features. More or certainly as importantly, just as does Ray Ban and Breitling, for example, the E72 meets my design criteria by being both elegant in appearance and ergonomically comfortable, as well as a solid tool in that it is not made of plastic and glue.

Traveling all over Costa Rica in particular and Central America in general as I have in the last years, this 128g device replaced in my sturdy and trusty Land’s End back pack a Grundig Yachtboy 400, a GPS, a mp3 player, a digital camera, a flashlight… and a kick em in the butt laptop computer.

Periodically, we intend to post info about the E72. There are all kinds of technical and popular info about this device all over the net. We don’t plan on reinventing any wheels, just to post some of our observations. And don’t call me Shirley…

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