Mag-lite Flashlights…The Best Flashlight On The Market And Still Proudly Made In USA

Anthony (Tony) Maglica’s products are shown and promoted on for the same reasons as the rest of the products and/or services shown on the products list on the left hand side of this and every screen on the site, from American Express to Zippo: unprecedented quality of product and unparallel customer service.  Tony’s Mag-lite flashlights can be found a few steps from anywhere in our house, and one or more each in each of our Lands End’s backpacks.

Just to be upfront, once again, as with a lot of my toys…errr… tools, my lovely wife and son both have been gifted Mag-lites so there is no need to borrow mine.  They will tell you that I do not mind sharing, however, when the power goes out, three people need 1 flashlight each, right?  And, just to minimize confusion, we typically get three different colors.

At my lovely wife’s kitchen desk we keep a 2 D cell red Mag-lite; always there always handy.  In my night stand we keep a 2 C cell black Mag-lite, mostly kept there as a backup spare.  On the electronics rack in the family room there is always a fully charged MagCharger.  My brother DR swears he can light up air planes in the sky with this bad boy, and will light up our lane a half klic in any direction.  As an extra bonus and just to show how far ahead thinking are the folks at Mag-lite, the original NiCd battery pack can be seamlessly replaced with the new NiMH battery (34% more storage capacity).  Thank you for that, Tony.

A couple of years ago, hesitantly but willingly, I switched my everyday carry flashlight from my faithful black Mini Mag to a black XL100; it looked just too cool not to try.  I tried it and I like it. Out walking the dogs late at night, pitch dark, if another vehicle happens along, a quick flick of my wrists puts on a strobe light that can be seen from over 100 meters away.  Check this demo to see other way cool functions of the XL100.

And then don’t you know the XL100 became a family favorite and I had to constantly ask, “who has my Maglite?”  Needless to say, the day the XL50 hit the market, one XL50 red, and one XL50 gray was ordered and gifted to my lovely family.  Check out the XL50 demo here.

If one insisted and made me pick a favorite, it would still have to be the original Mini Mag.  Near as I know, every flashlight in the Mag-lite line comes standard with a protected extra bulb in the tail cap, which has come in handy more than once.  However, the Mini Mag is the only Mag-lite that can have the head removed and then reversed so the barrel can sit in it, and have it stand up like a candle.  I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many times I have used the Mini Mag in that manner.

Any of the Mag-lite product line make great birthday, Christmas, whatever special day gifts; and I usually keep one or two in a spare drawer for that need a gift now emergency.  The Solitaire is perfect for those occasions.

When you come to Costa Rica you definitely need to have a small flashlight with you.  This is not a spare luxury, it’s a necessity.  Do yourself a favor, pick the best Mag-lite to suit you, make sure fresh batteries are inserted, and feel comfortable to know that when you need the light, the Mag-lite will be there for you, working as promised by Tony.  See you when you get here.  Pura vida


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