Crazu received more than one comment about the “King Quad 700 … Too Much Fun” article.  Some of those comments questioned my mental capacities; guess they didn’t read the “Still Not Crazy” article, huh?  Other than agreeing with me about the superior features of the ITP Baja Cross ATV tire, it was pointed out that this tire is not intended for hard road use.

I know it says “Not For Highway Use” on them.  But, I’m just telling you the service they have given me and the Suzuki King Quad.  Besides, I must not be the only one in love with these tires.  I just did a quick search for some updated info and saw most of the online stores were “Out of Stock.”  I’m just sayin’.

Given the rigors to which the original tires on the King Quad were exposed, they didn’t last too long.  And, at least three tire agencies balanced them, none of which lasted.  Try going 80 KPH up the Costanera, shaking like Elvis, feeling as though you might be launched at any moment, and you’ll be looking for a better sneaker, too.

I’m not here to bust the chops on the brand name tire that came with the quad.  Our riding down here on the Southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica is different.  We ride over rocks, sticks and branches, through mud, streams and rivers and sometimes the ocean, and then, to get where we are going, on an asphalt or concrete road surface.  Unless one is going to Baru or Playa Dominical, the closest civilization (i.e. gas station, super market, things like that) is 23 klix to Uvita, 34 to San Isidro, and 43 to Quepos.  If we used the so-called Street ATV Tires, how would we get home?  Those tires would last about a minute and a half on our “roads.”  Whereas the ITP, in my case, the Baja Cross, not only gets me home, but gives me (and a lot of my neighbors) a safe comfortable ride when I need to go to the store.

As I mentioned before, within 1 klic of me there are at least 5 other quads, all running ITP.  I can easily see where I could be wrong, nothing unusual there, but all of us?  Unless there is something in the water, I don’t think so. And, if they are good enough for Don, Bea, Dave and Jason,  that’s good enough for me.

And then there is that nebulous notion associated with most products and services: Customer Service.  Folks, products or services you see mentioned on Crazu are top notch stuff.  You take care of it and it will take care of you, for years, decades even.  From 5.11 and AMEX to Zeagle and Zippo, they are all on the list not only because of the quality, but, and this is equally important, all are top notch customer service providers in support of their product.

Customer Service quality can be measured in different ways.  Here is one way, my little CS story with ITP: I’m a little bit of a sticker freak with the King Quad.  It just amuses me.  After I had the ITP Baja Cross tires installed, I wrote to ITP HQ. to ask if they had any stickers, and if so, could they please send me one?  In the middle of the jungle, about 10 days later, I received a package containing enough ITP stickers of different sizes, I could cover all of the quads in the “neighborhood.”  ITP did not have to do that, it’s such a small thing.  But they did, which is a good indicator to me that ITP would also take care of any “big” thing that came up.  Pura Vida


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