Eurochronos Costa Rica, An Authorized Breitling Dealer

Good things come to those who wait; Patience is its own reward; etc.  In Costa Rica, the first idiom is a hope, and the second is a prayer.  One simply needs a certain amount of patience to live here, or else it will eat you alive.  I have been hoping and mumbling to the fine watch gods for 15 years in Costa Rica to please give us an AUTHORIZED BREITLING DEALER, and lo and behold, the other day on an excursion to Multi Plaza the lights kept drawing me closer and closer until finally upon the threshold of Eurochronos Costa Rica, an AUTHORIZED BREITLING DEALER.  My world is at peace.

Here’s what happened.  I switched from the Breitling Navitimer 3100 as my main wrist watch to the SuperOcean because the former is digital, and therefore runs on battery, where the latter is what today is described as Automatic.   We used to call it self winding and some call it a mechanical watch.  Try running out of battery in the middle of the jungle, or on a road trip in another country.  Good luck finding somebody in whose hands you trust with your Breitling, even to change the battery.

The only option in the old days was to find a fine jeweler who marketed similar featured watches, and hope they would be sensitive to your plight.  One such firm existed in downtown San Jose and they came to know me and me them over time.  Then, one day the logo of Breitling appeared in the window of a jewelry shop near to my house.  I think they thought they were a fine jeweler, mainly by the pricing of the objects that included women’s jewelry, manly pens and accoutrements for writing and formal dress, and layout and lighting of the store; I never got there (that they were a “fine jeweler”) but they had the sign so it was worth a shot.

Then one day both the fine jeweler with whom I was acquainted and the one with the Breitling sign both opened a branch in Multi Plaza, a USA like mall in a well to do section of town (actually in a suburb).  Great, two minutes from the house and ample parking.  With just the saving of the price of a taxi to downtown, these days, I could quickly buy another Breitling!  Sign me up!

Jump forward to yesterday, living in the jungle and having had a few months of patience with a dead battery in the Navitimer 3100, my lovely wife and I were in the big city and went on some errands to Multi Plaza and I went to the store that had the sign before, but not now.  There was still a small display of inventory of Breitling, but not much.  I didn’t mention the downsizing, and I recognized some of the folks behind the counter.  Long story short, they wanted 25,000 colones to change the battery, that’s like fifty bucks in US.  That was at least 2.5 times more than usual, I thought.

Well, you know, I might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer and I’ve been called crazy many times (although I have proof that I am not in fact crazy), but no way am I stupid enough to pay $50 for somebody to change a five buck battery.  I’d rather look at a dormant watch face than pay that exorbitant fee.  Out of that store, laughing but not huffing, well, chuckling, and off I head to the jewelry shop I knew from the old days.  They don’t do digital watches at this branch, they would need to send it downtown.  I’m still smiling because I am accustomed to these things and processes.

Six or so doors down from the funny jewelry store I see a brand name, a competitor of Breitling, well known and trusted in the watch world, and I give them a shot.  Nope, no technician on duty and besides, they do not service Breitling… but, they say, there is a fairly new store that sells and services Breitling down 2 levels and near Bruno’s restaurant.  Off I head, my lovely wife is bored looking for watch batteries and she decides to go to the bookstore.  The also super watch brand name sales clerk writes down the name of the other store, which I thought was very nice of her, and off I head in search of nirvana.

Not atypical in Costa Rica, the directions were iffy, one just needs to plow forward and eventually you’ll find where you want to go.  The fun comes when the people you ask along the way give you contrasting directions.  This is almost like a sport for me, a big challenge, so, still smiling, finally I am standing in front of Eurochronos Costa Rica, an AUTHORIZED BREITLING DEALER, and these folks are the real deal.  Talk about a kid in a candy store?

Remember that layout and lighting with the so-called fine jewelry store mentioned above, Eurochronos Costa Rica was the complete opposite and from that alone I could tell that Eurochronos Costa Rica was a place where I wanted to be, plus, the kicker, they only had fine watches on display, no women’s jewelry, no manly pens or other accouterments or Hummel statues.  Just high end watches.  I knew those other brand name high end watches were there, but I headed directly for the display of displays at Eurochronos Costa Rica, the Breitling display encompassing the entire focal point of the store. Smart.

Miss Stella was busy maintaining and organizing various displays just like little soldiers; a girl after my own heart.  Miss Dayana and Fernando (Fernando is the one with the similar hair style to me) met me at the counter.  Please, I say, how much to change the battery in a Navitimer 3100?  They give me a number with which I am more than satisfied.  And, could you please switch the band on the SuperOcean for the band on the 3100?  It will be about 20 minutes or so I am informed and I started thinking…

Do you mind if I take some photographs, I ask, and I tell them I’d like to do an article on Eurochronos Costa Rica.  With their counter top computer, I show them and they like what they see and said, “good idea”.  Fernando was kind enough to give me the current issue of The Breitling Magazine entitled “The Insider”.  Cool.  I eat this stuff up and the conversation with Fernando quickly turned to Breitling swag.  With surfing the various Breitling swag related sites, I figure my collection is not too shabby, but a boy could always use more, right?  At this point, Fernando pulls out a super stylish writing instrument with Breitling engraved on it.  I am green with envy and am only saved from making a ridiculous offer to obtain the pen when the head technician, Francisco, comes out to speak with (rescue) me.

As Francisco expertly makes some final adjustments to the Navitimer he comments on its wonderful condition and the fact that the timepiece is almost 30 years old and still uncannily accurate.  Talk about bang for buck!  That was the good news.  The bad news was that the band from the Navitimer did not fit the SuperOcean because of a small extension on the stainless steel connection.  Grrr…   Miss Dayana pulls out a collection of new bands but unfortunately none with the size needed for the SuperOcean and she explains that they should have some other bands in stock within a month.  Come on, a month in Costa Rica time is like a nanosecond; I can wait.

To sum up my hour experience at Eurochronos Costa Rica, here is what I can tell you to be true.   The sales and technical staff were knowledgeable and amiable; the selection of Breitling inventory impressive; the store itself immaculate and tidy; and it was obvious that Breitling was serious about Eurochronos Costa Rica and Eurochronos Costa Rica serious about Breitling in that the Breitling display costs what must have been strong into the 5 figures; a strong commitment on both sides.

My final evidence for feeling seriously comfortable with Eurochronos Costa Rica was the fact that they were listed on Breitling’s website,,  as an AUTHORIZED DEALER, and I can tell you after almost 30 years experience, Breitling takes that acceptance solemnly.  Eurochronos Costa Rica’s own website,, has yet to have the Breitling info developed for its page, but I would bet my last penny that that is in the works even as we speak; their strong Facebook presence at leads me to make that comment and bet.

On the way out of town heading back to the beach, having to pass Multi Plaza, I took the time to briefly stop back to Eurochronos Costa Rica to meet Israel Cruz (shown here with Fernando), the youngest member of the family business responsible for bringing Breitling for real to Costa Rica; not just a sign sitting next to the Hummel.  Now I’m really psyched.  I don’t know for sure but I’m speculating that I have successfully depended on a Breitling for more years than Israel has, and his knowledge and enthusiasm gave me confidence that Breitling was finally here to stay in my beloved CR.   You see, good things do come to those who wait, patience is its own reward, and dreams do come true. Pura vida

Eurochronos Costa Rica

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