DAWG And Their Volunteer Foster Families

Civilized folks care about stuff.  Woof and meow.  Given the international convention up in San Jose over the next three days including today, buzz words to be bantered about will include and regrettably not be limited to the notions of (all in quotes) economics, the war on drugs, illegal immigrations and the oft identified misnomer, the environment (when what is really meant is ecology, which are not synonyms).  What really floats a lot of our boats down here in the southern zone is hungry, ill, and homeless puppies and kittens, and what we can do to reverse that hunger, illness, and homelessness.  Thank supper goodness for DAWG and their volunteer Foster Families.

With no intentional blasphemy, I promise, these volunteer Foster Families certainly qualify for modern day sainthood; to be invested by the Queen into the Order of the Love Thy Pets at at a minimum.  But they need help; once again the few are helping the many.

Here is how DAWG’s Foster Family program works.  While these burdened animals are in DAWG’s care, they need a place to stay; the foster home.  DAWG takes care of the animal’s food and vet bills and often the Foster Family will also participate in this part of caring for the critters.  There really is only one requirement of the Foster Family, and that is to see that the critters get to the DAWG bookstore, located above the vet’s office in Uvita, early Saturday mornings.  The traffic at the bookstore is admirable and this is when the pets can be seen by future caretakers of the pets.

From the outset, there are not enough Foster Families, but, when these Foster Families need to temporarily leave the area for whatever purpose, the fostered pets need another Foster Home.  One of the true benefits of this system is that future permanent caretakers can “test” and see if a chosen animal is “right” for their home.  Everybody wins (especially the pets).

So, please, if you can help in any way whatsoever, please contact DAWG and sign up.  Miss Kim’s phone is always in her hand or pocket (or Steve’s) and they can be reached at 8942-2622 (they too, incidentally, will be heading back to the states for a bit coming up soon).  Miss Susan and Mr. Bill have the DAWG FACEBOOK page up and running and for sure you can express your interest to help there.  And don’t forget to visit the best well run bookstore on the planet and speak personally to the tireless Shawnell (8850-7477) to see how you can help. Muchisima gracias!!!

Here are some of pix of the needy critters… how can you turn down those faces…???


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