Café Volio

Aromas and flavors from home, we all have our own special memories; Grandma’s fried chicken on Sunday afternoon, sitting on the back porch with Grandpa as he spreads peanut butter on his favorite crackers to share, the flavorful aroma of freshly brewed coffee first thing in the morning.

When we grow up, we carry those aromas and flavors onto our own homes, and pass it on to our children, and the cycle continues.  To look in my refrigerator today is similar to looking into my Mom’s fridge when I was a kid, as I’m sure my Mom experienced when she looked into her fridge and thought of my Grandma.  Use of brands and products get passed down over time just as sure as the good dining silver and the good china.

I am one lucky boy.  My Costa Rican family has passed on to me similar aromas and flavors and that’s why they only drink Café Volio.  When my boots hit the ground at 1730hrs., 28 Oct 1998, and I entered the home of Priscilla and her lovely daughters, with all of her wonderfully wacky friends gathered around the kitchen table, I was as disoriented and anxious as one might expect after a full day of traveling and walking into the unknown, having made the commitment to “move” to Costa Rica.

I had been to Costa Rica a few times before over the past years, and, as I am a “beer baby” when an Imperial, La Cerveza de Costa Rica, was put in my hand, I won’t tell you that I immediately felt “at home,” but, I knew I would feel that way very, very shortly.

The following morning, as I sat on the edge of the bed, waiting for the rest of the house to awake, around 0600hrs, I started to smell the wonderful aroma of freshly brewed coffee.  I already knew my way to the kitchen, but even if I didn’t, my nose led me there, where I was greeted by a smiling buenas dias and handed a piping hot cup of Volio coffee.  That aroma is forever embedded in my senses and it will for all time be associated with my new home, Costa Rica, and, my new family.  I am one lucky boy.  Pura vida


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