Lodge Cast Iron

Everything tastes better when cooked in a Lodge Cast Iron pan.  There, I said it.  It’s that simple.  And clean up is a lot easier than some of us think; believe me I know from lots of personal experience.  When I was a kid my mom was one of the original single working mothers, and even after she remarried, when both she and my new step father worked all day long, I was on KP (kitchen patrol) duty from the time I could reach the sink until I graduated high school and left for the military (where I was again, periodically, on KP duty).  The results of a superior tasting dish that one gets with cooking with Lodge cast iron pans will capture you from your first recipe tried.  From my perspective, there are really only a few “tricks” to keeping your pans in ship shape condition: wipe clean after each use and if you insist on soap and water, not too much soap and season lightly after the “bath,” and keep well seasoned, bath or not.  For the expert’s instructions, click here.

And when I was even younger I remember my grandmother and great grandmother cooking with cast iron.  There were no Teflon or for goodness sake diamond coated pans in those days; diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so they say, and probably belong on fingers and around necks, I’m sure all of the girls would say, rather than with which to cook.  Geez.  My sweet old great grandmother would be laughing as she flipped in her grave if she heard about cooking with diamonds.  She was a Lodge cast iron sort of gal, for sure, and there wasn’t anything she couldn’t prepare in it.

Practically every time we make fried chicken at home in our Lodge cast iron skillet (fryer) I retell to my son about the deliciousness of his great grandmother’s and great great grandmother’s fried chicken, fried in a cast iron pan.

Costa Rican cooks are pretty savvy; Lodge Cast Iron pans are sold here to my great and pleasant surprise.  The one thing from Lodge that we do not have in Costa Rica, that I yearn for, is a Lodge Logic Sportsman’s Grill, Hibachi Style Charcoal Grill.  Man, do I really want one of those so if any of you are coming down… hint hint hint.

Just as all of the good cooks taught me, we can cook just about anything in our Lodge pans.  Here we have posted just a few of the dishes we really like.  Hope you like them, too.  Pura vida


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